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With a newborn, most family and friends tend to focus on the little one’s wellbeing or send gifts to the baby, but less for the new mum. Despite our new priorities, remember that pouring from an empty cup is not the way.
Remember: You’re not alone on this journey. A happy mum raises healthy and happy kids.
Find out how you can treat yourself a little better with small pockets of time, mummies!

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“Mother” is the first person we know when we are born, yet also the last to forget in our lifetime. Everyone

A person and a child eating at a table Description automatically generated with low confidence

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I was inspired by an introspective Chinese piece that got me thinking and appreciating much more about my life. I would

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“Mum’s guilt” probably needs no introduction. It’s that wave of uneasiness that hits mamas when we are away from our children.

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As the saying goes: “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” Mummies who wish to restore that pre-pregnancy glow, start

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Among the motherhood circle, there is a common saying: “Despite many decades’ worth of skincare, a woman’s skin returns to a

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