Raising Boys: 9 Important Life Tips for My Sons

I’ve heard that raising boys can be quite different from raising girls. Growing up with a younger brother was quite an experience, if I may say so.

Now that I’ve 2 young sons, here are some of Mama’s advice to my boys. I hope these life tips will come in useful for them (and for parents with boys!) as they develop into future gentlemen.

raising boys can be quite different from raising girls
As a working mum, I try to create memories with my dear boys over the weekend.

Raising Boys – The Life Tips and Advice: From Mummy to my dear sons

#1: It’s okay to cry

When boys cry, Asian parents often shush them because crying is seen as a sign of weakness. Boys, you are also human. That said, crying is just of the multiple emotions we experience in life, so it’s really okay to cry.

#2: Always aim and flush

This one is definitely a “boy thing” – I know because your daddy proved my point. Go to the washroom, lift the toilet seat, take aim and pee. Remember to flush, wash your hands with soap and dry them. Flicking your man bits and wet hands all over the toilet is not cool at all! It is also about being considerate to the next user and the toilet cleaners too.

#3: Being strong doesn’t equate to just physical strength

Muscles = macho? It’s not just about brute strength my dears, although they will come in handy when helping mama with the heavy lifting around the house. I hope you can also work on being mentally and emotionally strong over the years. At school or at work in the future, you may encounter difficult colleagues or challenging situations. Know that being positively strong can help reframe your thoughts, keep calm and move forward.

#4: Don’t be a bully

The teenage years might seem far for now, but I know those years will also be a different kind of “fun” for you and for me. Raging hormones, peer pressure, demanding schoolwork and so much more… it can get overwhelming. But never be the guy who hides behind the screen to cyberbully others. Or, the boy who flashes his biceps or punches to coerce someone. Don’t be the class clown who taunts others or pulls jokes just to elicit laughter or attention.

Little boys are like mummy’s boyfriends.
Little boys are like mummy’s boyfriends.

#5: Jokes about body parts are not funny

They are called “private parts” for a reason. Nobody is interested about how they look, so please skip sharing because it’s #TMI. Oh yes, read point 4 because things can get twisted too.

#6: Learn to cook, clean and do the laundry

These are basic life skills you will need – whether you move to a school hostel or get married in future. Mummy would be heartened to know that you wouldn’t be eating takeaways all the time, and can keep your space tidy. My future daughter-in-law would also thank me for this because managing a home and raising a family isn’t easy. Look at daddy and mummy, and you’ll know what we mean.

#7: Have enough sleep

Sleep is NOT for the weak, boys! Most definitely not a waste of time too. I’d like to remind you the benefits of sleep for your body.

#8: Take care of your skin

There’s nothing wrong with using cleanser, moisturiser and sunblock, my sons. Our skin is the largest organ, and taking care of our skin is part of personal hygiene. We live in humid and sunny Singapore – makes it extra important to give your skin that TLC it needs. Otherwise, don’t ask me why pimples keep appearing when you’re older.

#9: Be thankful

Can’t say that this is only for boys, but this is definitely a value I want to inculcate in my sons. I always believe that things happen for a reason. At the end of the day, we should always have a thankful heart to be grateful for life, the loved ones around us and the things we have.

Above all, remember to call and visit daddy and mummy, okay? I know what kind of mother I want to be for my children. Although my own relationship with my mum was very different; with open communication with my boys, I hope we will have a strong relationship too.

Do these values and perspectives resonate with you too? As parents, we wish to nurture and plan for our kids to our best ability. With the increasing prices across education, accommodation and even daily necessities, what are you doing to beat inflation? Wealth accumulation and financial planning for the family takes knowledge and experience. If you’re unsure how to start, get in touch with me and I’d be happy to support you in planning ahead to achieve your monetary goals.

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