What are some tried-and-tested ways to relieve morning sickness?

Pregnant Mum’s 4 Tried-and-tested Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness

Pregnancy marks a new chapter for the family. Along this journey, some pregnant mums might experience morning sickness, and this is common and normal. While most of us experience it during the first trimester, some women have it throughout pregnancy and at different times of the day too. What are some tried-and-tested ways to relieve morning sickness? Are there foods to help fight nausea during pregnancy?

Morning sickness usually happens in the first trimester and is very common during pregnancy.

Tackling nausea: finding out what works and what to avoid

Every pregnancy is different. During my first pregnancy, I was perfectly fine with coffee but not this time round. The acidic taste of coffee makes it nauseating for me.

Here’s a tip for other mummies: It’s really all about experimenting. It can be rather frustrating in the beginning. However, after you get used to the process of knowing what works and avoiding what doesn’t, you will feel much better too. Most importantly, have any of the food that helps curb the nausea in moderation.

Try pregnant-friendly ways to feel better

Besides a heightened reaction to coffee, I often have bloating, indigestion, and reflux. This is due to hormonal changes. To feel better, I take chamomile tea, which is known to calm the stomach, together with a spoonful of honey.

If you are unsure about trying new food or drink, it’s best to check with your gynaecologist if it’s okay for you to take them during pregnancy. Chamomile is known to help reduce acid reflux symptoms, relieve bloating and gas, and support gastrointestinal health. This caffeine-free herbal tea helps me to calm my senses and relax so I feel better too.

With some simple ways, pregnant mums can relieve morning sickness and feel better.

Cleansing my changed palates

In addition to the change in preference for certain foods, I find that my tongue has this strange metallic taste. It’s sometimes the reason why I feel like puking! To get rid of that weird taste, I rinse my mouth and scrub my tongue after meals and that makes me feel better. I will also eat a peppermint lemon sweet to refresh my breath. Plums usually helps, but not for me this time round. If I’m craving for cold drinks, I’ll make a healthier version using refrigerated water soda and honey citron tea.

Other ways to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy

  • Have smaller, frequent meals to avoid being too hungry and to maintain sugar levels
  • Try bland food instead of high-sodium or overly-seasoned food
  • Stay hydrated to avoid dehydration
  • Avoid fatty food as they take longer to digest and makes your digestive system work harder
  • Keep snacks near you such as granola bars, dried fruits, nuts and plain biscuits
  • Listen to your cravings as your body may be lacking certain vitamins or nutrition. Eat in moderation if frequent cravings are for unhealthy options e.g. soft drinks, bubble tea, potato chips etc
  • Try natural remedies like sliced ginger with honey water or lemon to feel better
  • Try Vitamin B6 supplement to alleviate that nauseous feeling. Do get the green light from your doctor before taking any supplements or medication
If you’re vomiting too frequently at any stage of your pregnancy, it’s best to see a doctor.

When is morning sickness a cause for concern?

Morning sickness can be pretty severe for some women and this is termed as “hyperemesis gravidarum”, which means “excessive vomiting during pregnancy”. Symptoms includes persistent vomiting several times a day, losing weight, and becoming dehydrated or at risk for dehydration.

Experts advise to look out for these severe morning sickness symptoms and call the doctor immediately:

  • nausea that persists throughout the day, making it impossible to eat or drink
  • vomiting that occurs three to four times per day or an inability to keep anything in the stomach
  • vomit that is a brownish colour or has blood or streaks of blood in it
  • weight loss
  • fainting or dizziness
  • decreased urination
  • a rapid heart rate
  • recurrent headaches
  • unpleasant, fruity mouth or body odour
  • extreme fatigue
  • confusion

This too shall pass, mummies! Morning sickness goes away eventually, and it’s completely okay to seek treatment to feel better and ensure both mummy and baby are well. Remember that you are not alone, and we are on this motherhood journey together. Do you have other tips to cure morning sickness? Share them in the comments below!

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