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Our Maternity Photoshoot Experience & Tips to Make it A Success

I’m glad we managed to capture these beautiful family shots during our maternity photoshoot! I had a great experience with the professional team who made us feel very comfortable during our session. So glad we have these photos to look back on in the years to come and to share stories with our sons when they’re older.

Here’s sharing our maternity photoshoot experience with the studio we engaged. Hope my tips can help make it easier for fellow parents who are preparing for their photography sessions too!

Capturing this family moment with a maternity photoshoot before we welcome our second baby!
Capturing this family moment with a maternity photoshoot before we welcome our second baby!

When is the best time for pregnant mums to do a maternity photoshoot?

The best time for capturing mum’s beautiful baby bump is when it’s big and round. This is usually any time between 28 to 36 weeks. After my personal experience, I will say try not to plan the maternity shoot too late into your pregnancy.

I was going into 37 weeks and counting down to our second baby’s arrival anytime, so it got pretty tiring as I had to walk, stand, pose etc. under the morning sun with the mission to maximise that 1-hour slot too. The worst thing is, you may look swollen because of the water retention that usually comes in the later trimester, which happened to me.

How long does a maternity photoshoot take?

Our experience was short and sweet. Initially, I thought that the 1-hour may not be enough when the photographer told me to choose the 1-hour option. In fact, there was more than enough time! We were already perspiring so much under the morning sun. Additionally, I was feeling swollen and tired with my heavy bump too.

What do I need to plan before the day of shoot?

My husband and I discussed about the styles and dress theme so that we could coordinate and prepare our family outfits. We communicated our likes and dislikes with the photographer so he knows what type of family style photos we are looking at.

He’s an experienced photographer, so he has the creativity and poses in mind. We were worried about our inexperience, but he did a great job giving us suggestions on the spot to achieve the best photo angles and how to pose. Our worries were unfounded! Phew!

Pregnancy photoshoot in a studio versus outdoor maternity photoshoot

Before my maternity photoshoot experience, I went for a studio photography session with my son to capture some professional shots. This was before I knew that I was preggers. So, when I was thinking about engaging a photographer to capture my pregnant self with my second baby, I decided to choose an outdoor maternity photoshoot instead.

We had to decide on the locations for the shoot, so my husband and I shortlisted some venues. We also Googled for reviews and pictures of different photoshoot locations in Singapore and browsed our photography studio’s portfolio to get some ideas on where to go for our family’s pictures.

As the weather can be pretty unpredictable, do bring a portable fan, bottled water, tissue/towel and lipstick for touching up. It also helps to maintain some positivity within the family so that moods are good and not affected by the heat.

I think that one of the best outfits for a family maternity photoshoot is a flowy maxi dress and soft colours.

How do you prepare for a maternity photoshoot?

Engaging an experienced photographer with credentials/reviews is very important. Although it may cost more but the quality is more important as that’s the reason why you want to engage their services in the first place – to successfully capture great memories. You would want to have the best photos and a smooth experience during the process.

As a pregnant mama, I really appreciate how seamless our experience was, without additional stress of fretting over a family memory that should be fun.

How do I prepare my child for a photoshoot?

We didn’t quite prepare and interestingly, Gideon was such a natural in front of the camera! Kids really spring surprises from time to time!

As our photography locations were in public spaces, to avoid the crowd, we did it on a weekday. That meant that Gideon had to miss attending childcare that day. Thereafter, we told him where we were going and what we were going to do etc. Probably for his age, he understands so it was not too challenging to get him ready. After staying home so much thanks to Covid-19, heading outdoors was like an adventure for him.

The photographer also plays a part, along with his ability to warm up his clients so that we would be natural for shots. Gideon was very comfortable with him, and he was so good at posing that day. Totally unexpected!

On the day of our shoot, we made sure he was well-hydrated, and we packed along some snacks in case he was hungry or tired. We also gave him a heads-up that it might be warm, just to manage his expectations about the hard work that’s to come. I think these helped give him a better idea on what to expect so that he was a little more ready to pose away!

Are you planning to capture your beautiful bump with a local maternity photoshoot? Do share your reviews with the photographers that you’ve worked with too!

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