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Mummy Care: Book Prenatal and Postnatal Massage for Self-love!

When is the best time to get a massage while pregnant? Many therapists would recommend starting from the second trimester onwards, when the pregnancy is more stable and hence safer to. Prenatal and postnatal massages can help mums to relieve discomfort and sneak in some “me time” too! When it comes to massages for pregnant and postpartum mums, it’s important to engage an experienced therapist who knows which areas to avoid.

Personally, I find that prenatal massage provides relief to my aching back. Imagine a big bump adding weight onto my hips, back and legs. During both pregnancies, I made sure to schedule for such time for the therapists to knead away my knots, water retention and aches. These sessions really helped me feel better, and I consider them my guilt-free “me time” too.

After delivering my second baby, I was very much looking forward to my confinement massages at home! It’s great that such house call services are still possible in view of the Covid-19 situation. If you’re heading out for your treatments, do make sure that you abide with the safe distancing measures and regulations in place too!

Make time to be a relaxed pregnant mum and soak in the moment.

Make time for prenatal massage during pregnancy and postnatal after delivery

There are many dedicated centres specially catered to ladies who are going through childbirth. Besides massages for mamas, some of them offer Tui Na for babies too. Mums in Singapore, you can check out these places for maternity massage or after welcoming your newborn:

^Only offers postnatal massages.

Are you planning a babymoon staycation with your partner? Or, indulging in a pampering girl’s day at a hotel? You can book a luxurious escape to tranquillity:

As everyone’s pregnancy and health is different, it’s essential to get your gynaecologist’s approval before going for any services or treatments. Some of us might be ordered by our doctors to be on bed rest for the safety of our foetuses. While these mummies wouldn’t be able to step out for me time, there are other simple ways to de-stress and lift moods during pregnancy.

It is believed that postnatal massage helps to expel wind, relieves aches and helps mummies with their womb care.

Enjoy your postnatal massage during confinement

Wish to slim down quickly and help your womb get back in place after childbirth? Commonly known as Jamu massage, this Malay-Indonesian technique aims to help mums speed up recovery, soothe away tiredness and restore the uterus and abdominal muscles.

When to book the postpartum massage packages? It’s best to do so at least 3 months ahead and give the service provider a heads-up of your estimated delivery date (EDD). This helps them to plan and assign a therapist for your preferred tentative period too.

If you have been wondering where to go for a soothing massage that’s safe for pregnant ladies, or looking for a postnatal massage near you, I hope this list comes in handy! At the end of the day, it’s about managing our needs and wants, plus being realistic about our financial planning too. Here’s to happy and confident mummies raising children in Singapore!

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