Compare and Save With All These Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing apps have been getting popular in Singapore. So which stands out among all?

Everyone hopes to stretch their dollar, especially now with inflation. Additionally, the rising transport costs on cabs or private cars means it can get pretty expensive when traveling around Singapore especially during peak hours.

With kids, we can only take taxis or book a private car with a booster/car seat, and it comes with an additional fee. Well, it does seem safer and more convenient to take a car than to lug strollers, diaper bags and hold onto active kids and commute via bus and/or the MRT for long distances.

So, which is the best ride-hailing app in Singapore to save on transport expenses and take charge of your budgeting? You can book via these platforms to compare each trip!

Book a ride-hailing app with a booster or car seat if you're going around with a child under 1.35m
Book a taxi or a car with a booster or car seat if you’re going around with a child under 1.35m.

Download these popular ride-hailing apps for travelling around Singapore:


Since Uber left Singapore, Grab is pretty much the most popular ride-hailing app with its comprehensive list of services from booking rides to GrabFood, GrabExpress delivery and insurance. However, its fares have also increased and thus, consumers are looking for cheaper alternatives.


TADA prides itself on taking zero commissions from its drivers, who get the full fare after deducting credit/debit card transaction fees. Families can book standard 4-seater cars or taxi, up to a 6-seater premium car. When it comes to discounts, they don’t seem to offer much.


Like TADA, Gojek allows booking of taxis and private cars (up to 6-seater). Gojek tends to reward with vouchers through its platform so you can immediately enjoy the discounted rides. Traveling with kids? Book GoKids which comes with a booster for 4-7 years old and between 1-1.35m.

ComfortDelGro Taxi app (CDG Zig)

The leading taxi company in Singapore that provides street hailing and cab bookings, their large fleet of 10,000 taxis under its wing gives customers, like families, a higher probability of booking a taxi. To save, look out for credit card promos which ComfortDelGro Taxi app ties up with and pay with those credit cards or payment gateway.


If you’re cool to carpool and share rides with strangers, Ryde app is focused on just that. Based on the distance travelled, riders can split the cost and thus save money, as compared to if they had booked separate car rides. A greener way to travel too!

Geolahis slated to launch in July 2023!

Hyped as a mobility super app that’s up against Grab, Geolah is currently undergoing a beta launch in Singapore. This AI-powered multi-tech service platform provides transportation and logistics services and will run on a zero-commission scheme like TADA. Another platform to check out when comparing ride booking rates!

using the ride-hailing app to book for your family.
Have folks on wheelchairs or mobility limitations and you need transport to pick them up, or send them to hospital check-ups? The convenience of being able to book a car, taxi, van or even a minibus anytime is definitely helpful.

How to enjoy savings when booking rides?

Compare across different platforms

Want to get home from the office quickly but for cheap? Do it! It takes some effort to open all apps, key in your destination and check for the lowest price. But it can help you save several dollars!

Be loyal

To retain customers and reward loyal users, companies offer points, discount vouchers and subscription plans to keep customers on their platform. The more you ride or book a service through them, the more benefits you will earn which in turn can be used to offset your next car ride to save further!

Book at off-peak, if possible

Surge pricing increases during high-demand periods (e.g. rush hour, poor weather, etc.). When more users need rides than cars that are available, prices go up to incentivise more drivers to get on the streets. Plan your journey ahead and see if you can leave earlier or later to avoid peak hours.

Want to compare bookings with a single platform instead of toggling between multiple ride-hailing apps? Here is the latest ride-hailing comparison app to check out!

Compare fares and book the cheapest ride with one app


Southeast Asia’s first taxi aggregator app, SPUR helps users to compare fares across Grab, Comfort DelGro and Gojek within a single platform. Using API and data analytics, SPUR’s system pulls out the rates. Its expansion plans include having other ride-hailing services on the platform. With that comes better data accuracy, while increasing the choices for consumers in time to come.

There were other similar apps like SPUR, which have since ceased operations in Singapore. Let’s hope SPUR can keep things running for longer.

With so many different apps available to request a ride, we can now increase our booking chances while choosing the lowest fares. After all, every cent saved is a penny earned! It makes a difference to save and plan for rainy days. Feel free to reach out for a complimentary financial planning consultation to plan ahead!

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