The 4th Trimester Period: New Mums

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Pregnancy covers three trimesters, so what is the 4th trimester mums should know about? Coined by Dr. Harvey Karp, the 4th trimester is the first 3 months of your baby’s life after birth. Some experts feel that this is an important period to allow mummy and child to bond during this period of adjustment and […]

Mummy Care: Book Prenatal and Postnatal Massage for Self-love!

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When is the best time to get a massage while pregnant? Many therapists would recommend starting from the second trimester onwards, when the pregnancy is more stable and hence safer to. Prenatal and postnatal massages can help mums to relieve discomfort and sneak in some “me time” too! When it comes to massages for pregnant […]

A Letter to My Elder Son, From Soon-to-Pop Mummy

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Reading Time: 2 minutes
It’s the last leg of my pregnancy journey and I’m penning this for my elder boy, Gideon, who will soon relinquish his only child status. Dearest Gideon, How are you feeling my dear boy? Are you excited to meet your little brother? He will be here any time now; daddy and mummy are nervous yet […]

Preparing for My Second Baby’s Arrival

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As I pen this, my husband and I are about to welcome our second child in the next few weeks. Entering the 3rd trimester means we’re also prepared for our second baby’s arrival! I’ve always been a fuss-free person. After we had our child, Gideon, we kept his baby items because we knew that having […]

Let’s Practice Self-care During Pregnancy too, Mamas!

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Dear new mum-to-be, How are you feeling today? I know, most of the time we don’t pause and “check in” with ourselves. It’s easy to be bogged down by the hustle and bustle of getting things done every day. Caring for kids, making sure meals are served up on the dining table, ensuring that laundry […]

12 Relaxing Ways for Pregnant Mums to De-stress

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Pregnancy is the start of something beautiful. For some mums, it can be a stressful journey. Be it your health concerns, your baby’s development or external reasons, remember that a happy mum and a happy bump make a big difference. What are some safe and relaxing ways pregnant mums can de-stress and feel better? 1: […]

A Letter to My Mum and Sons, from the Imperfect Me

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“Mother” is the first person we know when we are born, yet also the last to forget in our lifetime. Everyone has a unique story about their mums and the homes they grew up in. Mine isn’t a beautiful piece of art to admire, but now, I understand what “things happen for a reason” means. […]

Thank you, mums. I’m inspired by you.

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I was inspired by an introspective Chinese piece that got me thinking and appreciating much more about my life. I would like to share this piece in English and dedicate it to you – yes, YOU! Here’s to the mums who went through tons of changes in life, pushed through limits and self-doubts. Thank you […]

Mums, Do You Feel Guilty About “Me Time”?

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“Mum’s guilt” probably needs no introduction. It’s that wave of uneasiness that hits mamas when we are away from our children. Why do mummies feel that way when we are not physically with our kids? Whether we are working mums, stay-at-home mums (SAHMs) or anything in between, we do need our “me time” and relish […]

Quick Ways to Get Glowing Skin & Improve Recovery After Pregnancy

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As the saying goes: “There are no ugly women, only lazy women.” Mummies who wish to restore that pre-pregnancy glow, start by taking care of your skin as part of self-care! Research has shown that having children accelerates mum’s ageing process at cellular level. Since we know it is true, what is holding you back […]