Tried-and-tested Ways to Prepare Kids for a New Baby

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Reading Time: 5 minutes
Welcoming a new baby sparks excitement and nervousness for us as parents. With an older child, we made sure to find ways to prepare him for his sibling to minimise any sibling rivalry even with a cute bump. Afterall, it is a life-changing milestone for them and parents, it makes a difference if we can […]

Our Maternity Photoshoot Experience & Tips to Make it A Success

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
I’m glad we managed to capture these beautiful family shots during our maternity photoshoot! I had a great experience with the professional team who made us feel very comfortable during our session. So glad we have these photos to look back on in the years to come and to share stories with our sons when […]

8 Ways to Boost Kids Immunity During COVID-19

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
Pandemic or endemic, this COVID-19 virus will be lurking around for some time. Children’s immune systems are still developing so we try to help strengthen their body’s natural defence to protect them. Here are some ways we can power up our children’s immunity to fight against the virus: #1: Eat immunity-boosting foods Load up on […]

9 Easy Ways to Increase Breastmilk Supply

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
Breastmilk is the best source of diet for infants. It is au natural and smart as the composition of breastmilk adjusts according to baby’s nutritional needs for his development. If baby is unwell, breastmilk magically receives the message from baby’s saliva, and the antibodies adjust to help nurse baby back to health. As a second-time […]

6 Fun Ways to Teach Preschoolers About Money

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
As a mum, I know there are so many things that I would like to impart to my children. With my son in school, I tend to leave academic teachings to his teachers because I believe that he is in good hands of experts. But I know that there are some knowledge such as financial […]

Pregnant Mum’s Tried-and-tested Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
Pregnancy marks a new chapter for the family. Along this journey, some pregnant mums might experience morning sickness, and this is common and normal. While most of us experience it during the first trimester, some women have it throughout pregnancy and at different times of the day too. What are some tried-and-tested ways to relieve […]

Hiring A Nanny: Questions to Ask the Confinement Agencies

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
Having an experienced and trusted adult who knows how to take care of your newborn, and your post-natal care makes a positive difference for many mums and dads. That is the reason why many families in Singapore hire a confinement nanny to help so mama get the rest she needs. If you are currently pregnant […]

Popular Parent-approved YouTube Channels for Preschoolers

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
I will admit that my son gets his dose of YouTube. However, we stick by ensuring that he watches educational videos suitable for 3 to 4 years old. Some experts may frown when it comes to letting kids have screen time, be it the television or a tablet. Reasons include the exposure to blue light […]

Preparing Your Kids for Childcare or Kindergarten in Singapore

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Are you preparing for your child’s first day at childcare on kindergarten? You must be feeling excited yet anxious at the same time. I understand, because that was how I felt when I was preparing my son when he started his first formal education at 17 months old. Yup, we appealed to let him enrol […]

Is it Possible to Work from Home with a Toddler?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Before COVID-19 happened, working from home with a toddler raised many eyebrows. With the pandemic, working parents had to embrace their new colleagues while being confined to their new workspace in their house. I know it is not a walk in the park for many families, especially those with multiple kids. The struggle to juggle […]