Why are More Mums Taking Charge of their Finances Now?

More Mums Taking Charge of their Finances Now

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These days, women yearn to be more financially independent, whether through their career or side lines. With that, they start to focus on self-care and their own mental health, make plans for themselves and pay for their children’s expenses too. Why are more mums starting to be more proactive about their finances now? Uncertainty in […]

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Domestic Helper In Singapore

How much does it cost to hire a domestic helper in Singapore

Reading Time: 5 minutes
It takes a village to raise children – there’s no doubt about the importance of support. One of the ways to have full-time help is hire a domestic helper (maid) for your family. Are you planning to employ a foreign domestic helper in Singapore? The cost of engaging a maid goes beyond her monthly salary. […]

Parents, Have You Claimed Your Tax Reliefs and Benefits?

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Raising children in Singapore is predicted to cost between $200,000 to $1 million for each child until they are adults. Fortunately, there are parenthood benefits such as tax reliefs and rebates that we can claim to ease the expenses for citizens. This is also in addition to the Child Development Account (CDA) and the Baby […]

6 Ways to Smarter Financial Goals Planning + Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

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Reading Time: 5 minutes
The New Year often symbolises a reset button for recalibration. It’s an opportune time to ponder over what you didn’t like about last year, and set yourself up for greater success this year. With New Year resolutions drawn up, happy healthy kids in school and having somewhat of a work-life balance, are you geared up […]

6 Ways to Use Your Child’s Ang Bao Money & How to Maximise it!

Tips on how to manage your child's ang bao money

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Chinese New Year is exciting for children because of the new clothes, goodies and being able to receive money (Ang Bao Money). With the collected red packets or e-Ang Baos, there’s an extra sum to “play with”. Wondering what to do with your child’s Ang Bao money? Read on for some practical ideas! Here are […]

12 Government Grants, Parental Benefits and Tax Reliefs All Parents in Singapore Must Know! 

Parents Tax Reliefs and Benefits

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Family Benefits for Parents in Singapore: MediSave Maternity Package MediSave Grant for Newborn MediShield Life Coverage CPF Education Loan Scheme MOE Tuition Fee Loan Government-Paid Childcare Leave (GPCL) & Extended Childcare Leave (ECL) Maternity Leave Eligibility and Entitlement Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Relief Grandparent Caregiver Relief Parenthood Tax Rebate Qualifying Child Relief/Handicapped Child Relief Working […]

Feeling Worried? Are you financially ready for another child? Tips from a Mum of 2 

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Have you been thinking about having about having another child? Whether if you are financially ready for another one? Are the projected expenses that come with having more kids putting you in a dilemma? These are very real concerns with regards to family planning. After all, the cost of raising a child in Singapore was […]

Is Covid-19 Stopping You from Making Retirement Plans?

making retirement plans

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Mums and dads, have you started making plans for retirement? If not, has the COVID-19 pandemic spurred you to save up more, or has this stopped you in your tracks? We checked in with some parents in Singapore to understand about their sentiments towards retirement planning and whether this downturn has influenced their financial goals. […]

What Can Parents in Singapore Do with the Baby Bonus? 

Singapore Government has the Baby Bonus Scheme to help ease financial concerns for parents.

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Having a baby marks a new chapter for the family. Raising kids also means an increase in expenses, and the Singapore Government has the Baby Bonus Scheme to help ease financial concerns for parents. Under this scheme, there are Baby Bonus cash gifts and contributions to the Child Development Account (CDA) to help mums and […]

Do you know what your child’s CDA account can be used for?

Did you know that your child’s CDA funds can be used for their early childhood education?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Welcoming a new baby marks exciting times ahead! To celebrate, the Singapore government has plans and cash gifts to help families ease their financial costs. So, what is the difference between the Child Development Account (CDA) and the Baby Bonus cash gift for babies in Singapore? Both are initiatives under the Baby Bonus Scheme. In […]