8 Easy Ideas on Raising Bilingual Kids in Singapore

raising bilingual kids in Singapore

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Learning more than one language is helpful since the world is now a global and multicultural melting pot. With English as our first language, the benefits for raising bilingual children who are good at Chinese go beyond exams!

My Child has Myopia and Lazy Eyes: Sharing On What I’m Doing to Fix Them

Kids myopia and lazy eyes in Singapore

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Childhood myopia is on the rise, cementing the fact that Singapore is the ‘Myopia Capital of the World’. It’s a worrying concern for parents – and unfortunately, my 4-year-old has joined the spectacles clan. How we discovered about our child’s eye issues His short-sightedness and lazy eyes conditions came as a surprise. How it happened: […]

Domestic Helper Insurance: Confusing Requirements Explained!

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Reading Time: 5 minutes
Not many employers know that under MOM law, it is compulsory to get our domestic helper insurance. But with so many different helper insurance plans in Singapore, what plans should we buy and how should we compare?

Here are some of the common questions my clients ask about insurance for their Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW)

Maid Money Matters: Are You Facing These Issues too?

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Does Maid Money Matters? Guiding our helpers with financial knowledge helps them manage their money better. Hopefully, there will be lesser money issues for us, like asking for advance salary

Preparation Tips & Smart Savings Hacks for Your Next Family Holiday!

Preparation tips and smart savings for family holidays

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Planning to travel with children? Materialise that wish and make that family holiday a reality! Here are my holiday preparation tips and some smart saving hacks to stretch that dollar further! Preparation Tips and Saving Hacks Ensure your passports are not expiring Now that the queues at the Immigrations & Checkpoint Authorities (ICA) have eased, […]

Should I Do Health Screening or Buy Insurance: What to Do First?

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Reading Time: 3 minutes
Going for health screenings may help detect abnormalities or possible medical conditions, depending on the types of tests and health screening packages you sign up for. How can buying insurance help with costs? The plans and coverage protect against possible uncertainties, which are usually the hefty medical bills that incur, especially in Singapore. Many clients […]

Why are More Mums Taking Charge of their Finances Now?

More Mums Taking Charge of their Finances Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes
These days, women yearn to be more financially independent, whether through their career or side lines. With that, they start to focus on self-care and their own mental health, make plans for themselves and pay for their children’s expenses too. Why are more mums starting to be more proactive about their finances now? Uncertainty in […]

Dengue Fever Warning Signs and What to Do

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Don’t belittle the bite of an Aedes mosquito! The number of dengue fever cases in Singapore is increasing, and the symptoms of dengue fever in some patients seem more severe too. Did you know that dengue fever has a peak season from June to October yearly? Parents should look out for the warning signs of […]