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Starting a family marks the beginning of new responsibilities. There are no instruction manuals when it comes to raising children and parenting may sometimes feel like a challenging ride.

As a mum, I believe that with the right support, a positive attitude along with some smart financial planning, we can achieve our personal goals and craft the future that we want!

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Retirement Planning in 8 Easy Steps

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If you’re currently at the peak of your career or recently became new parents, retiring may seem like a distant dream. However, we will eventually

7 Ways for New Dads to be involved with their New Baby

Reading Time: 3 minutes
As mummy recuperates after giving birth and is learning the ropes of her new role, daddies can get involved with their new baby too! Here’s how to tell daddy what he can do to be involved with baby!

Easy DIY Sensory Bin Play Ideas for Toddlers

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Wish to incorporate sensory play for your curious bubs without spending much? Here are some ideas on how to put together toddler-safe sensory bins to stimulate his senses!

Raising Boys: 9 Important Life Tips for My Sons

Reading Time: 3 minutes
I’ve heard that raising boys can be quite different from raising girls. Now that I’ve 2 young sons, here is some of my advice to my boys. Hopefully, these life tips will come in useful for them as they develop into future gentlemen.


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