About Me

Hi, I’m Jenelle Ong. I’m a daughter, wife, mother, and financial consultant. I believe many women are like me, playing multiple roles in your life, giving your best in each role. It can be overwhelming at times, and I feel you.

So, I created this dedicated outlet for me to do something I like, to learn, to share and hopefully to inspire others in the community. Raising kids can be mind-boggling, and you can pick up some mum’s tricks, self-care tips and learn how to be financially-savvy here. We are all in this together!

The art of the Geisha: my life inspiration

Many are intrigued by my Geisha tattoo. In fact, it has been one of my guiding sources to strive towards while understanding their philosophy.

Growing up, due to the little communication of love in my family, I was often searching for my direction in life. That drove my growth towards self-independence.

Geishas are artists and a living piece of art who embodies beyond what most people perceive.

Sometime during my teens, I was captivated by the Japanese Geisha as I witnessed their unique beauty, grace, and discipline. Ever since, I have been deeply enamoured by their mystifying world — which, thankfully, still survives today!

In fact, there are many learning lessons for us as modern women – how they use their wit and discipline to survive/shine. 


Life’s lessons for women today

To be a specialist, be disciplined in giving your best in learning, upgrading yourself and persevere.

Carry yourself
well and look presentable;
treat yourself like a walking work of art.

Do not allow others to treat you with disrespect because you are priceless.

Learn the art of conversations:
speak wisely, listen closely, and learn to keep secrets. 

Be worldly: always be updated with the world and business news.

This is the story behind my meaningful symbol that guides me in life. Have you found yours?

Mums, are “you” a priority when it comes to financial planning and health matters?

As a mother myself, I understand why fellow mums often delay planning for ourselves and our future. Juggling our kids, work and tons of commitments are often in the way. However, some financial plans are better made now than later, simply because some situations can be better managed when life throws curveballs with huge bills involved.

For more than 6 years as a Financial Consultant, I am thankful to help many parents plan their needs and wants. Many families share their stories about their aspirations, fears, and everything in between, and I am heartened for the trust and positive words of affirmation throughout this journey.

Fuelled by my strong personal interest to support fellow mums and dads in Singapore, I share my financial planning tips to help my clients understand how their desired future is attainable by taking calculated steps towards:

  • Medical Protection
  • Children’s Education
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate & Will Planning

“Financial planning is not a process of accumulating financial products, but a process of making sound financial decisions along the way. "

Allow the complexities to be mine, while the simplicities are for you to enjoy.

financial planning

What’s the story behind my logo?

As with many things in life, I tend to question and look beyond the surface. So, when I was dreaming up my logo, I wanted something that could graphically represent myself and my goals.

“JL” are the initials to my name, “Jia Ling” which my parents and family use affectionately. Most of you know me as “Jenelle” too.

Taking the idea of planning for one’s future, I felt that milestones and plans are often multi-dimensional. Hence, “JL” was hand-drawn in 3-D solid letters connected to each other, to symbolise a parallel path together. This is a visual representation of how I will be walking side-by-side with my clients towards the direction of their life adventures. Yes, the “L” is just like an arrow that guides!

In essence, I hope to offer Clarity when you are making financial decisions, support you in achieving Continuity with your life’s plans and gain the Confidence to live the life you want for the future. Yes, it’s possible with the decisions you make from today.

Champagne gold stands for happiness, celebrations, confidence, and positivity.

Pink signifies the nurturing traits of women who are also the super mums we are learning to

At the heart of my purpose in life, I hope to be able to enable families beyond finance.

Logo Story