9 Mind-blowing Facts about Singapore to Share with Kids

Our country is a melting pot of culture, language and so much more! As we celebrate National Day in Singapore every August, let’s see how well your children know about our little red dot!

How many of these mind-blowing fun facts about Singapore do your kids know?

1: There’s more than 1 Sir Stamford Raffles statue!

There are 2! The statue in black is at Empress Place, located in front of Victoria Memorial Hall. While the other in white is at the bank of the Singapore River, also identified as the Raffles Landing Site. The Sir Stamford Raffles statue in black was erected first.

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Make it a family trail and hunt for all the merlions located in Singapore!

2: There are 6 merlions around Singapore!

The original 8.6-metre-tall statue is at Merlion Park, One Fullerton. The two 3-metre tall merlions are at Singapore Tourism Board HQ (near Grange Road) and at the peak of Mount Faber. A pair of merlions are in the Ang Mo Kio Ave 1. There was a huge 37-metre merlion at Sentosa Island which tourists and residents loved taking photos with, but it has since been demolished.

3: Why is Singapore known as the ‘little red dot’?

Our flag is red and white, so why is our nation dubbed the ‘little red dot’? Initially, this term didn’t sit very well with our leaders. Coined by former Indonesian President B.J. Habibie, the ‘little red dot’ was inferred by pointing to the world map – our country is so small and indicated with just a red dot. That was somewhat belittling our size and political influence. These days, it’s an endearing term and used interchangeably to mean ‘Singapore’.

4: The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City was once the world’s largest in the world

It was in the Guinness Book of Records in 1998. However, this record holder has been relinquished by Fountain at Dubai’s The Pointe at Palm Jumeirah in 2020! Nonetheless, you can visit this spectacular Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City – it’s surrounded by the towers for fengshui reasons.

5: There are skyscrapers in Singapore which beautify our skyline

A building with over 40 floors is considered a skyscraper. The tallest building in Singapore is Guoco Tower, which stands at 284m! Located in the Bugis vicinity, this spectacular building integrates office, residential and retail stores. You can enjoy a nice view of our city from Gucco Tower too!

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Before 1992, anyone could have chewing gums and bubbles gums in Singapore.

6: Chewing gum is prohibited

In 1992, they have since been banned – no selling, importing or manufacturing of chewing gum is allowed in Singapore. Eating them is illegal! Why was chewing gum banned? Well, people were leaving their sticky mess everywhere – MRT doors, in the parks and cinemas. This created cleaning issues and increased the cost of keeping Singapore clean and green, thus, eradicating the use was the solution.

7: The first night zoo in the world is our very own Night Safari

Yes! The world’s first nocturnal night park was built in 1994 and continues to be a popular tourist attraction when they visit Singapore! Plan for some outdoor fun with your kids and see the animals by night.

8: It’s not one island but 64 islands!

Bet most people don’t know, but Singapore is made up of 64 offshore islands! Besides Sentosa, there’s also Pulau Tekong, Pulau Ubin and Coney Island! Have you been to any?

9: National Service recruits train at Pulau Tekong

Little boys who will be our future soldiers will get to know Pulau Tekong as a military base for their training. This island is also the largest offshore island amongst the 64 that our country is made up of! I’ll definitely share this knowledge with my sons, and get my husband to share stories about his NS life!

Growing up in a safe country like Singapore is a blessing for many families and as citizens, we are very thankful. Despite our small land size, Singapore has proved that being small does not impact to strength or ability. Likewise, there are many valuable lessons we can impart to our children in addition to learning about the history of Singapore. I hope these interesting fun facts about Singapore inspires new discussions and exploration with your children too!

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