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12 Relaxing Ways for Pregnant Mums to De-stress

Pregnancy is the start of something beautiful. For some mums, it can be a stressful journey. Be it your health concerns, your baby’s development or external reasons, remember that a happy mum and a happy bump make a big difference. What are some safe and relaxing ways pregnant mums can de-stress and feel better?

12 Relaxing Ways for Pregnant Mums to De-stress

1: Have sufficient rest and sleep

Thanks to the hormones and the body baking a new baby, it’s normal for pregnant mums to feel extra tired. Listening to our body is important, and sleep should not be compromised. Ensure that you get enough snooze as your body needs all the energy for your unborn child to grow.

2: Take little breaks in between the day

Always been a go-getter career woman? Pregnancy can lead to energy dips during the day, and do remember that our body is undergoing a myriad of changes for new life. Take short breaks such as sipping hot chamomile tea to relax. Or, do some simple stretching exercises at your work desk to get blood circulation going.

12 Relaxing Ways for Pregnant Mums to De-stress
Pregnant mamas, have you tried taking a nice warm bath to relax and soothe your senses?

3: Go for prenatal massage to relieve stress and tension

One of the best ways to relax during pregnancy is to book yourself a prenatal massage and let the therapist knead away knots and aches. These pampering sessions can help a pregnant mama feel much better and more relaxed. Growing a baby is hard work – there’s no need to feel guilty about having “me time”, okay?

4: Have healthy meals and drink water to stay hydrated and reduce edema

Fuel your body with fresh and healthy ingredients when possible. Sometimes it can be challenging to eat well at every meal – either due to lack of time or because of our crazy tastebuds made worse with morning sickness – we do what we can. Drinking water to hydrate ourselves is necessary; it helps with reducing water retention during pregnancy too!

5: Keep active and do suitable exercises for pregnant mums

Before starting on exercise, do check with your gynaecologist first. Exercising benefits pregnant mums as it helps to boost moods and reduce back aches, promote better sleep and improve strength. Some exercises that are safe for preggers include: swimming, brisk walking, low impact aerobics, prenatal pilates, prenatal yoga and guided use of gym equipment for strength training.

6: Manage your commitments and concerns

It’s normal to want to “do it all” and that can add extra stress onto yourself. Make a list, prioritise, learn to say “no” and make decisions that would help you cope better during this journey. It’s also the time to consider hiring a confinement nanny so the extra hands can support your new role and transition. Remember: if your tank is empty, it’s easy to run dry very quickly.

Being outdoors and close to nature helps pregnant mummies to destress – and it’s free!
Being outdoors and close to nature helps pregnant mummies to destress – and it’s free!

7: Get some fresh air

Getting a daily dose of Vitamin D and fresh air makes a great difference in moods. Step out with a mask on and perhaps take an evening stroll with your partner to clock in some couple time and active time as well.

8: Make time for yourself

Women are also wives, sisters, daughters and friends to others. Juggling multiple responsibilities and having older kids in the family may leave mum experiencing an increasing lack of time for ourselves. Make time for yourself! It could be as easy as 15 minutes of mediation, a shower time that ends with applying stretch mark oil on your bump, or reading a book before bedtime.

9: Talk to your spouse, trusted family members and/or friends

Having a trusted and dependable circle is important for us to talk to someone when we need a listening ear. This could be friends, colleagues, or even new mummy friends made thanks to Whatsapp or Facebook groups for mummies who share the same EDD. Most importantly, your spouse should be aware of how you are feeling, so do keep the communication with hubby open. Financial budgeting and children’s expenses are often common concerns for parents. It helps to speak to a financial advisor to plan your family goals, and manage health insurance or wealth accumulation.

To unwind, try spending some alone time with your bubba – talk about your day, listen to music and simply enjoy the mindful presence of just you and baby.

10: Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Raising a family takes a village and having support makes things more manageable. Outsourcing certain things can do wonders for the load on mums and helps with alleviating the stress accumulated.

11: Take deep breaths

If you’ve attended prenatal classes by birth experts in Singapore, you would learn that taking deep breaths during labour helps. Likewise, when we are feeling tensed, taking slow deep breaths help us to regulate our heart and calms us down gradually.

12: Enjoy quiet time with your baby bump

Having a baby is a huge milestone and the bond between mother and child starts from the womb. Savour this special journey when you’re still preggers: Have little conversations with your baby, listen to your favourite songs together or simply place your hands on the bump to feel the flutters… feeling the connection with this little one makes everything worth it.

What are some of your favourite ways to unwind and de-stress during pregnancy? Feel free to share your ideas below so fellow preggy mamas can try them too!

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